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RB411AR [RB411AR]


The RB411AR has an integrated 802.11b/g wireless card with MMCX conenctor.

Not only you have a readymade wireless solution, but also you have a spare miniPCI card slot for your choice of another wireless card!

With this device you can connect to a remote AP and serve your local area with internet both at the same time!

It has the same familiar footprint as the other RB411 series devices, which means you can mount it into any supported outdoor enclosure, and upgrading to this model will take just minutes.



The RB411UAHR has it all, just as the name suggests. It has the popular high-speed CPU, a miniPCI-e slot and a SIM slot for 3G modems, a USB 2.0 port for attaching external storage, a regular miniPCI card slot for 802.11abgn wireless cards, a Ethernet port and a built-in 2.4Ghz wireless radio.

RB411UAHR includes RouterOS - the operating system, which can be a router, firewall, bandwidth manager, a mobile 3G router, and more - all at the same time.

RB-433 [RB433]


• Atheros AR7130 300MHz
• 3 LAN / 3 MiniPCI
• Mikrotik RouterOS v3 Level 4
• 10.5 cm x 15 cm, 137 grams

RB-433AH [RB433AH]


• Atheros AR7161 680MHz (works @800MHz)
• 128 MB DDR RAM
• 3 LAN / 3 MiniPCI
• Mikrotik RouterOS v3,License Level 5
• POE 10..28V DC
• 10.5 cm x 15 cm, 137 grams

The RB711UA-5HnD is a small AP type RouterBOARD 5GHz wireless router with an integrated wireless card. It has two antenna connectors for using in dual chain setups, and USB port.

The integrated 5GHz 802.11a/n wireless card is capable of up to 25dBm! It has built in 16kV ESD protection on both the RF and Ethernet ports.

Supported frequency:

RB800 [RB800]


Crossroad [RBCRD]


RouterBOARD Crossroads with MIPS CPU, 32MB RAM, one LAN, integrated high power 2.4Ghz wireless onboard, NAND Storage with RouterOS Level 4 (AP support)

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RB-433L [RB-433L]


The RB433L has three miniPCI slots and three Ethernet ports. Use this device in an outdoor case for a sector AP installation, or for a wireless backhaul. Three ports give you plenty of configuration options for many wireless scenarios. It’s powered by an Atheros 300MHz CPU and has 64MB of RAM and has a Level4 RouterOS license.

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RB411GL [RB411GL]


The RB411GL is created for high-end wireless AP, Point-to-Point or CPE OEM applications. It has Gigabit Ethernet port, so you can take full advantage of 802.11n standard.
Unit has one miniPCI slot for your choice of miniPCI wireless card, powerful Atheros 680MHz CPU, 64MB of RAM and a USB port for 3G or storage.

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RB-411L [RB411L]


RB411 adalah routerboard yang dikhususkan sebagai CPE/wireless client, atau point to point (tidak bisa difungsikan sebagai access point dengan multi client). Memiliki 1 buah port ethernet dan 1 buah slot minipci. Tidak memiliki port concole. Beserta lisensi RouterOS level 3.

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RB-433GL [RB433GL]


The RB433L has three miniPCI slots, three Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB port for storage or a 3G modem. Use this device in an outdoor case for a sector AP installation, or for a wireless backhaul, Gigabit ports will let you utilize the full potential of 802.11n wireless MIMO. It’s powered by an Atheros 680MHz CPU and has 128MB of RAM and has a Level5 RouterOS license.

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RB-433UAH [RB433UAH]


RouterBOARD 433UAH with two USB ports, RouterOS level 5
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