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[TDJ2400G1] - Barang Kosong



Frequency Range 2400~2483MHz Gain dBi 15.5

Product Information
Model: TDJ-2400G1
Description: TDJ-2400G1 Panel antenna is designed by our company for the 2.4GHz communication system. After structure optimized and being tuned carefully, it has the good performance such as good VSWR, high gain and big F/B Ratio etc. The strong structure and small dimension make it easy to install.
Each antenna is tested by HP network analyzer strictly before delivery.
Specifications: Frequency range£º2400-2483 MHz
Bandwidth£º83 MHz
Gain£º15.5 dBi
Nominal Impedance£º50ohm
Max Power£º100 W
Connector£ºN Female
Horizontal Beamwidth:60 degree
Vertical Beamwidth:15 degree
F/B ratio:¡Ý25 dB

Dimension:700¡Á160¡Á60 (mm)
Weight:4 kg

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